Why Jim?

I want to serve as Lula Mayor because I believe my background and business experience can help Lula to develop a strategic plan for the future.  We can then work together to accomplish our vision and goals for the future.

I am a businessman, not a politician. My business experience has taught me that success comes from making a plan, making a commitment to stick to the plan and moving forward to accomplish the goals of that plan. Lula is at a crossroad where we can choose to create our future or sit back and wait for whatever comes our way. I believe that we need to create our future instead of waiting and I have the experience to bring the necessary elements of that plan together.

I also know that no one person can accomplish anything by himself. It takes a team to accomplish anything worthwhile. From my years in business as well as 20 years of coaching youth sports, I have developed the leadership skills to build and encourage teams to work together and accomplish common goals. I have contacts and established relationships beyond our community that can benefit our City by giving us access to team members and needed resources we don’t already have.

I will tell you now, that I don’t have all the answers. But I believe in surrounding myself with people who have the knowledge, skill and experience to find those answers. I want the people of Lula to be a part of that process.

Cities exist to meet the needs of their citizens and getting input from the citizens about how they want to plan for that is critical to our success.